• Flexible
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Easy to Update
  • Cost-Effective
  • Cloud-Based
  • Multi-Platform
  • Integrated

COLLECTING valuable intelligence from your sales team can be cumbersome, and off-the-shelf offerings can be expensive and inflexible.

DELIVERING data to your organization can be a painful mix of integration software, ad-hoc spreadsheets and complex reporting tools.

MAINSAIL™, Beghou's cloud-based application platform, can help. Work with us to define your goals, and we'll configure a Mainsail system that will delight you. It's as easy as that.

What can Mainsail™ do? Sales operations served by Mainsail include:
Mainsail Customer TargetingCustomer Targeting
Market Access Account ManagementMarket Access Account Mgmt
Mainsail Customer ProfilingCustomer Profiling
Mainsail CRMCRM
Mainsail Affiliation ManagementAffiliation Management
Mainsail Business PlanningBusiness Planning
Mainsail Alignment VisualizationAlignment Visualization
Mainsail Alignment MaintenanceAlignment Maintenance
Mainsail Roster ManagementRoster Management
Mainsail Sales ApportionmentSales Apportionment
Mainsail Sales ReportingSales Reporting
Mainsail IC Reporting/CalculatorsIC Reporting/Calculators
Put Your Data to Work You've got the data, now give your field and home office users the access they need

A better way to collect data from the field

  • Bridging the gap between ad-hoc Excel files and lengthy big-system configuration projects

A visual interface for HQ to work with data

  • Easier than delivering & managing data with flat files, Access databases, and Excel tools
Mainsail gives access to your data
Mainsail™ Web Runs on any device with a browser
Mainsail cross platform
Mainsail™ Mobile Fast and familiar user experience of a native iOS application. Works offline,
and uses location services and signature / photo capture
Mainsail supports Ipad
Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Platforms Embed Mainsail within tools such as Veeva and
No extra passwords or URLs for field users to deal with
Mainsail supports Veeva and
Hosted on Microsoft Azure An industry leader in secure, scalable cloud-based computing


  • High availability
  • Automatic OS / service patching


  • Network load balancing
  • Scale resources up and down as needed

Azure Certifications

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005
  • SAS 70 I and II
  • SOX
Mainsail is hosted on Azure
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