Meridian Alignment Suite
Design territories, deploy your sales force and maximize commercial performance with Beghou Consulting and its proprietary suite of products.
Improve territory design and sales force deployment Accurately designing sales territories and assigning field sales representatives isn’t rocket science. But it’s close. Meridian is a suite of intuitive tools that Beghou consultants use to help life sciences commercial leaders optimize sales force deployment and territory alignment. It uses proprietary algorithms and Google Maps to offer custom recommendations and provide visualizations to help you explore various commercial scenarios, target the highest-potential geographies, allocate the right number of field sales representatives to those territories and make necessary ongoing changes to your sales strategy.
Fine-tune sales force strategy with Meridian
  • Design sales territories

    Target the right geographies and design the territories that give your sales team the best chance of success.

  • Deploy your sales force

    Allocate sales resources properly across markets using algorithm-driven guidance and custom recommendations.

  • Explore sales scenarios

    Leverage Google Maps-based visualization capabilities to perform simulations, better understand sales potential and enhance your strategy.

  • Implement field insights

    Adjust your strategy and redistribute sales force resources across territories based on field and management insights.

  • Leverage benchmark data

    Test sales scenarios and develop benchmarks to guide product launch commercialization efforts.

  • Improve quality control

    Align territories and deploy sales resources with precision and confidence based on Meridian’s accurate insights.

Three solutions to drive sales force improvements The Meridian suite includes solutions for sales force deployment, territory configurations and mapping. Charting territories and deploying field sales resources requires terabytes of data and in-depth market analysis. We created Meridian to simplify and expedite that process. With three solutions that Beghou consultants can tailor to your needs, Meridian answers your toughest sales strategy questions.
Meridian Blueprint

Beghou uses advanced, proprietary algorithms based on its 30-plus years of experience in the life sciences industry to help you place the right number of field sales representatives in key markets.

Meridian Alignment Suite - Blueprint
Meridian Alignment Suite - Balance Meridian Balance

Configure territories and allocate sales resources across geographies to maximize coverage of top customers and boost your chance of commercial success.

Meridian Map

Use Google Maps to view your territories and distribution of field sales representatives. Then, make on-the-spot adjustments based on field insights and corporate directives.

Meridian Alignment Suite - Map
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