Sales Performance Reporting and Analytics

Beghou Consulting designs, produces and delivers sales and performance reporting solutions for clients that require the integration and dissemination of large amounts of data to their sales force and sales management. We provide custom-designed reports for electronic or hard-copy distribution. Our approach combines customer-focused report design with technical excellence to ensure that the reports we deliver communicate key results in an immediately useable format.

Additionally, for many of our clients, detailed one-time analyses are needed for answering client questions about new data trends. Sometimes these questions are related to product launches, new data sources or alignment changes, but they are often just quick turnaround requests for greater detail that our team can analyze and provider greater insight into. Beghou Consultants are just as curious about data as our clients, so we often will proactively suggest additional analysis based on interesting patterns in customers' data.

Sometimes these insights turn into a custom report can be created as a single-use report or even be incorporated into existing ongoing reporting. Another aspect of these reporting options is the creation of leadership dashboards for quarterly reporting and board meetings or high level presentations to senior leadership.

Multi-Level Teams Provide Comprehensive Data Reports

In terms of data warehousing, Beghou Consulting is often a trusted partner in creating a flexible, dynamic and reliable data warehouse system, or customer master system. These projects involve coordinating across multiple teams and data sources including syndicated data reports, CRM data, sales data, prescription data and sales rep inputs on customer information to create the optimal structure for housing, updating and maintaining customer data.

Data reporting solutions provided by Beghou Consulting ensures accurate analytics in an easily sharable format