Software Solutions

Beghou Consulting designs, produces and delivers sales and performance reporting solutions for clients that require the integration and dissemination of large amounts of data to their sales force and sales management in a portable, online or offline format. We provide custom-designed reports for tablet distribution, available through existing CRM systems like or in custom applications that reside on the tablet or on the web in a secure server. Offline-available tools built to reside on the tablet are also an option.

These tools are completely customized and updated on a customized schedule based on clients' needs. There are many options for how the systems are hosted, designed, updated and deployed to sales teams. These tools are becoming critical for our clients to remain nimble in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Interactive Dashboards Provide Simple Solution to Data Analytics

Different interactive dashboards are what allows our clients to keep their sales teams completely up-to-date. These dashboards can include launch data for a new product, ongoing sales updates, CRM information for on-the-go customer profiles and even calculators for incentive compensation. Tools can also be created to handle physician signature capture and other tablet-based compliance needs.

Customized software solutions provided by Beghou Consulting deliver results-driven data tailored to each client's needs.